A young man was one fine pleasant evening sitting and watching the picturesque sunset. It was an autumn evening and the breeze was soothing and gentle with the pleasing chirping of the birds that were heading to their rest places. A friend of this man, who was passing by, stopped for a while and sat down next to the young man. The friend enjoying and admiring the beautiful evening, asked the young man about his feelings and thoughts of the lovely evening that they both were experiencing. The young man with a dejected and worried look on his face, stated to his friend that he was remembering the harsh summers with exceptionally high temperatures which had just gone by and was feeling anxious and worried about the ensuing winters which could also be as harsh as the summers had been.

Many of us are like the young man in the above story. We easily wander from the path of contentment in our lives. Instead of enjoying our present, we keep brooding over our past, which will never come back and keep dreading our future, on which we have no control and cannot ever predict.

This Diwali, let us all vow to live in the present and enjoy the beautiful and bountiful world around us. Let us do away with the habit of paying attention to small, irrelevant and infructuous issues, which have insignificant bearing on our lives. Every morning, taking out a few moments, lets prioritize our actions for the day. Not-so-important tasks can wait. We need not panic or get perturbed over what we have not been able to achieve in spite of our best efforts. To assuage our anxiety, we should remind ourselves about the Murphy’s Law, an adage that typically is stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Besides, there is always the next day to put-in more efforts and accomplish the unfinished assignment.

If essential, we should recall our past only for the sole purpose of learning from the mistakes that we made and resolve not to commit these mistakes in the future. Lets all live our present to the fullest and enjoy the short life that we have been bestowed with.



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