It is unbelievable that a seventh class student of a school in Gurugram has threatened his teacher and her daughter of raping them. I am not sure whether the 12 years old student fully understands what does rape and its consequences mean. But one thing for sure is that the student does know that rape and its consequences are disastrous and can be used to intimidate. The other incident of an eighth class student sending a mail to his teacher inviting her for a candle light dinner as well as the earlier incidents involving a class eleventh student who shot at his Principal at Yamunanagar and the brutal murder of a student at Ryan school Gurugram are still fresh in our minds. These incidents are only the tip-of-the-iceberg. Moregrave social maladies, presumably, due to over-exposure, are lurking in the dark for our children. It is high time we take cognizance and to start with, put in place certain serious checks and balances so that our children in a way do not get exposed to age-inappropriate undesirable information.

In my opinion, for our children, the nastiest malaise to get misplaced lies in the unrestricted availability of information at the click of a button. Children tend to get quickly influenced by all the wrongs and land up making hostile and disruptive role models for themselves. At young age they are unable to clearly discern between the right and wrong. A case in point is the online game ‘Blue Whale challenge’.

The other reason is that in this ever changing fast world we are unable to train our children to manage their emotions, more so, their anger. We build-up stress and hence aggression in our children from the very young age by craving a long list of expectations, some of which are difficult for them to achieve.

Besides, parents in such cases are also to be blamed. They are scared to admonish their children and chose to overlook their mistakes. In many cases, parents have no time to closely supervise the activities of their children. Also, parents are generally not aware as to what information needs to be shared or concealed from children. By doing all this we send a wrong message to children. They learn that they can do whatever they want and easily avoid doing what they do not want to do. There exists a dire need for educating young parents on the skills of ‘correct parenting’.

On the other hand, teachers in schools should also be trained in counseling skills to not only identify but also take care of adverse symptoms in children. Regular counseling sessions for children by trained counselors should be held in schools. Children at very young age should be properly sensitized as to what is expected from them by the society.

The time has come when all the stakeholders viz. the parents, schools and other concerned members of the society need to sit together and devise ways and means to tackle this mounting delinquency trying to engulf our future generation. This is our obligation towards them.



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